Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you provide Audiology & Hearing Aide Services?
Do hearing aids last forever?
How quick is the whole process of adjustment?
Will I hear equally well in all situations?
What kinds of hearing aids are out there?
Are the better hearing aids worth it, then?
So this will restore my hearing, right?
Is all this included?
What about follow-up care?
Can I just come in and ask for the same hearing aids my friend has?
What if it's not for me, but for my relative?
You mean, there are different kinds of hearing problems?
Okay, so how do I begin?
How do I know it's time to investigate a hearing aid?
Where can I go to have my child tested?
What are some warning signs to watch for in my child's hearing?
What milestones should I look for in my newborn's hearing?
What is neonatal hearing testing?
How is CAPD evaluated?
What are some signs of a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)?
What is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder?
What is Central Auditory Processing?