Frequently Asked Questions

Are the better hearing aids worth it, then?
Can I just come in and ask for the same hearing aids my friend has?
Do hearing aids last forever?
How do I know it's time to investigate a hearing aid?
How is CAPD evaluated?
How quick is the whole process of adjustment?
Is all this included?
Okay, so how do I begin?
So this will restore my hearing, right?
What about follow-up care?
What are some signs of a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)?
What are some warning signs to watch for in my child's hearing?
What if it's not for me, but for my relative?
What is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder?
What is Central Auditory Processing?
What is neonatal hearing testing?
What kinds of hearing aids are out there?
What milestones should I look for in my newborn's hearing?
Where can I go to have my child tested?
Where do you provide Audiology & Hearing Aide Services?
Will I hear equally well in all situations?
You mean, there are different kinds of hearing problems?