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Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scar Revision at Advanced Specialty Care in Connecticut

Scar revision appointments available in Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Stamford and throughout Fairfield County Connecticut

Scarring is the body’s natural method of healing damaged skin where fibrous tissue develops over the injured area. For some people, scars develop easily from something as simple as a cut or scrape but for others, the scars may be due to a traumatic injury from a car crash, dog bite or burn or even from a surgical procedure following a traumatic injury.

Depending on the location, thickness and integrity of the skin, scar revision may be an option to help minimize the appearance of the scar and make it blend more seamlessly into the surrounding skin. Scar revision may involve a surgical procedure where the original scar is essentially removed or a skin graft is used. Scar revision surgery is commonly used to repair facial scars and should only be performed by a competent plastic surgeon with knowledge and experience in scar revision surgery and facial anatomy.

For smaller, shallow scars, dermabrasion and/or laser treatments may be used to correct the skin texture and pigment. These dermatological treatments are also often used in conjunction with scar revision surgeries to further minimize the scar.

While scar revision may not make the scar disappear completely, it may cause the scar to be much less visible.

The Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists at Advanced Specialty Care perform scar revisions and provide consultations at our four convenient offices in Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk and Ridgefield, CT.