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Face & Neck Lift

Face & Neck Lift

Facelift & Neck Lift at Advanced Specialty Care in Connecticut

As we get older, changes to the face below the cheekbone down to the jaw line cause that drawn, tired appearance we see in the mirror. The fat in the cheek that creates volume and lift begins to sag causing hollow cheeks and more prominent folds around the nose and mouth. A facelift is an effective option to regain a youthful, restored facial appearance and to help improve:

The majority of patients who undergo this procedure are between 40 and 60, although the procedure can be performed at any age if indicated. Facelifts can be repeated periodically if necessary and the results can be prolonged with Botox, dermal fillers and anti-aging/skincare treatments.

There are two surgical facelift options that patient’s can consider; a mini-facelift and a full facelift.


A Mini-Facelift is ideal for people who have pronounced jowling and severe flattening of the cheeks. This is often the choice for people who have only mild to moderate facial aging and simply do not want to maintain their facial volume with fillers every one to two years.

Full Facelift

A Full Facelift is essentially a Mini Facelift with a combined Neck Lift procedure and is the most comprehensive “Facelift” option. It addresses the jaw line, deep wrinkles in the face, sagging skin near the cheeks and jaw and loose skin and fatty deposits around the neck.

Neck Lift

A neck lift, also known as cervicoplasty, helps correct the loss of definition and slanted angle that accompanies the aging neck. As we age, the neck muscle thickens, the ligament becomes lax and excess fat accumulates while the skin begins to sag.

In the early stages, Botox and spot liposuction may address changes. Once a more sloping neckline has emerged, a neck tightening procedure called a platysmaplasty can be performed to tighten up the sagging neck muscles that are causing poor definition of the neck.

By tightening these muscles under the chin, a sling-like effect is created that reclaims the original neckline. An isolated neck lift can be performed in conjunction with liposuction of the jowls and a liquid facelift.

Complementary procedures

There are several other procedures that improve facial appearance and can be performed at the same time as the facelift:

The Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons at Advanced Specialty Care offer Facelift, Mini-Facelift and Neck Lift surgery for women and men and provide consultations in our four convenient offices in Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk and Ridgefield, CT.