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ENT Testimonials

    ENT Testimonials

    Read ENT patient testimonials for the ENT providers at Advanced Specialty Care in Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk and Ridgefield, CT.

    Dr Batti was great with my son. I highly recommend.


    Very pleased with Dr. Bloch- very personable, professional, and understanding. Highly recommend his services to whoever needs thyroid surgery.


    Excellent experience with Dr. Bloch's entire team. He explained - in as much detail as I wanted - about the procedure, recovery period and other ancillary follow ups I needed (Endocrinologist). He also very thoughtfully answered my wife's numerous questions about everything associated with the procedure. Excellent bedside manner and communication skills. Procedure was completed exactly as described. Top Notch.


    Dr. Klarsfeld as been nothing sort of amazing. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and he kept me calm and comfortable throughout my process. He completed both surgeries I required and has been extremely supportive as I go through this life change. He actually cares which is important. Please see him if you are ever in my position. I would not want to see anyone else!


    I suffered for years from a deviated septum due to multiple injuries playing sports. I had difficulty breathing through the right side of my nose due to a crushed septum that blocked 90% of air flow on that side. I finally went to Dr Bard. He examined me and set reasonable expectations that the max improvement I could hope for would be a 50%-70% improvement due to the severity of the septum deviation. I figured any improvement would be better, so I went through with the procedure. After the procedure, Dr. Bard took the time to explain the challenges he faced during the surgery and how he took his time to make it as good as he possibly could. Well the results we not just good, but amazing! I regained 100% of normal air flow through both nostrils! No more tape, bandaids and sleeping on my palm! I stopped needing to take decongestants at night. The post operative care from Dr. Bard was great. I had a speedy recovery and was back to living a normal life with no exterior changes to my nose. It has been 3 years since the procedure and I am still breathing 100% normal. Thank You Dr. Bard! I truly believe you went above and beyond to fix me!


    I took my 9-yr-old to Dr. Batti to check for any ENT-related issues that might be causing the behavior of constant throat clearing. Neither of us had been to an ENT specialist before so we did not know what to expect. The exam entailed inserting a thin, flexible, spaghetti-like scope up the nostrils and down into the throat to see if there are any visible abnormalities. I have to commend Dr. Batti for his gentle and friendly manner, which put my kid at ease during a physically uncomfortable and awkward exam. Highly recommend, especially for pediatric care!


    Friendly Staff, Comfortable atmosphere, The group worked tirelessly with my Insurance co. to get everything approved in a very shot time frame. Dr. Klarsfeld takes the time to listen and is thorough in his examination and execution of the care provided. 100% recommended.


    I thought I had strep throat. I was shocked to find out I had a cancer in my throat. Dr Bard helped me through the process from diagnosis to , what is now, cure. He spent a lot of time explaining things and made it easier for me. I had a few setbacks, but if it wasnt for him, I would have been diagnosed too late. I trusted him with my life and he did not let me down.


    Dr. Klarsfeld is an amazing doctor. Highly recommend him. He saved my life!! I needed an MRI and was denied twice. He actually pushed for me and final received an MRI which they found a tumor the size of an Apple where my brain is. If it wasn’t for his knowledge and care for all patients I would not be writing this review. He has visited me 3 times at the hospital and made me feel special. He has the biggest heart!!! So Grateful...


    The office staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Bloch is very personable and made me feel at ease with my procedure by his explanation of everything that will happen.


    I had been sick for several days by the time I realized I probably had an ear infection and I was miserable. I called Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat care and they were able to fit me in at the end of the day after work. I had to wait a few minutes to see Dr. Bard but the staff kept popping in to see if I was ok. When you are feeling horrible, that extra care really makes a big difference to you. When Dr. Bard came in, he was smiling and pleasant as if I was his first patient of the day. He examined me and I did have a double ear infection and he gave me my prescriptions and told me what to do. Because they treated me like they really care, I was feeling better by the time I left the office. I would recommend this practice to everyone.


    I had successful parathyroid surgery. Same day surgery with hardly any pain afterwards. I was able to work a little less than a week later. Dr. Bloch answered all of our questions before surgery and after.


    Dr Klarsfeld is the best!!! He makes you feel comfortable, at ease ,no sugar coating. Best side manners are excellent ( which most surgeons are not ) the staff are as equally nice. I’m so thrill with my results and I’m able to breath again like he promised. 😊😊Highly recommend him.


    Dr. Bard and his staff are fabulous. He performed septoplasty surgery on my husband and we found Dr. Bard very personable and very informative as far as explaining exactly what to expect after surgery. He is very generous with his time and we never felt rushed, terrific bedside manner and Dr. Bard he was very empathetic to our concerns. Thank you to Dr. Bard and his entire staff.


    Dr. Batti is the kindest, most caring and compassionate doctor I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting. Our 8 month old daughter was in terrible pain from ear infections and 4 courses of antibiotics hadn’t worked. On 6/21, we saw Dr. Batti and he knew we were scheduled to fly on 6/29. Dr. Batti opened his schedule especially for our daughter to have tubes put in at Danbury hospital the following Wednesday, 6/26. We are so grateful for Dr. Batti and his dedication, his staff, the doctors and nurses at Danbury hospital and MOST grateful for our little girl being pain free!


    Very pleased with Dr Bloch- very personable, professional, and understanding. Highly recommend his services to whoever needs thyroid surgery


    Loved Dr. James S. Batti, my daughter had her tonsils and adenoids taken out, the procedure was fast and after surgery the nurses were amazing and caring to our needs and concerns.


    Made an Appointment to evaluate my Tonsils. On one side of my throat i had a normal one then the other had a very enlarged one I have had most of my life. Dr. Klarsfeld was incredibly helpful and understanding, he told me it would be beneficial to have them out now rather than even later in life. Unfortunately the experience adults go through with tonsil removal is pretty horrible but the office and himself checked up on me after the surgery and now being a month after all is well. I highly recommend Dr. Klarsfeld he did an amazing job. 🙂


    I saw Dr. Bloch almost 3 years ago for chronic sinusitis and frequent acute sinus infections. I also had daily sinus headaches and had trouble breathing fully through my nose. Dr. Bloch performed a balloon sinuplasty and it was a great success. My sinus problems really affected my daily life and to be symptom- and infection-free and to breathe freely was amazing to me. I appreciate so much the care and treatment provided by Dr. Bloch. He’s not only very skilled but, also, personable and caring.


    Dr. Bard has put in ear tubes in by daughter's 3 times, has done a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on both my daughter and my son. He is the best doctor there is. His bedside manner is excellent after getting to know him a little more and he is always great with the kids. Has a great sense of humor. He takes the extra time needed to explain things to you without rushing you. I am considering having surgery on my deviated septum and have no doubts about having him do the surgery.


    My son has been seeing Dr Batti (ENT) for 6/7years now. Everyone at the office have been polite, kind and accommodating. Dr Batti is witty and patient. He performed surgery for our son ( tubes and removal of tonsils) and was very informative and assuring on the procedure and recovery.


    Thank you ever so much for your kindness, support and smiles over the past six years.. it has always been such a great comfort to know that there is such an incredible team at your practice to help get us through the craziness!

    From medical scheduling to the lovely administrators @ the front desk, I am eternally grateful. And, of course, you all know how your hard work and dedication allows Dr. Bloch to take care of his patients at the highest level. Having seen him for the last six years, and having been under his care several times in Danbury Hospital, I can tell you, he’s the best!

    C.D. - Ridgefield, CT

    Dr. Bard, thank you for your kindness. God Bless You!

    E. O. J. - New Fairfield, CT

    Dr Klarsfeld is awesome. He is thorough, compassionate, informative, and reassuring. Performed thyroidectomy. Process was seamless, even during covid.


    Dr. Batti is the best doctor and one of the nicest people I have ever met. When my 6-year old was sick, not only was he able to see him the same day, but he was able to make him smile and also put my fears to rest. The office staff was very professional and gave him plenty of stickers at the end of his visit. I tell all of my friends about Dr. Batti.

    L. P. - Norwalk, CT

    Dr. Klarsfeld is not only a skilled physician and surgeon; he is personable and has a pleasant bedside manner. How refreshing! Since my Septoplasty, I can sleep on my side all curled up. I no longer get waves of nausea and sinus headaches each afternoon. The office staff is pleasant and service oriented, especially Flo in surgical scheduling, messages don’t get lost. They are reliable and follow up the way they say they will.

    P.S. - Wilton, CT

    Dr. Bard is so professional, smart, personable and funny!!! I was so comfortable in the office and loved meeting everybody - the entire staff was so helpful and kind, thank you so much!!!


    It has been a pleasure dealing with Dr. Bloch and his front office. Everyone there is very professional and during these crazy times (COVID 19) they make everyone feel at ease. I would recommend this group to anyone who is in need of a great ENT.