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Allergy & Asthma

Have had a great experience with my son who has a peanut allergy and currently undergoing OIT - pleasant, caring staff. Dr. Bell is very kind and knowledgeable - my son also really likes him which is a bonus!


Awesome doctor [Dr. Godhwani]! Took her time to take care of my asthma needs and help me keep it under control.


Dr. Godhwani is wonderful. I see her quarterly as she oversees my Asthma and Allergy care. She is easy to speak with at each appointment and not only makes sure all my questions are answered but invites me to call and speak with her personally if I have any other questions. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and cares for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!


We have had an excellent experience with Dr. Bell. We switched to him from our previous allergist due to his extensive knowledge about food allergies, and his ability to communicate the entire process to us (we are there now for OIT). He makes sure that we are always on the same page, whether it is guiding us during the peanut desensitization process or interpreting the results of food allergy testing.. He is so kind and friendly to my son as well who is 5 years old. I would highly recommend!


We love Dr. Dave! Our son had very difficult to control asthma, until seeing Dr. Dave who explained that allergies can make asthma worse. We got on a plan to get his allergies under control, and now his asthma rarely bothers him.


Dr. Godhwani provided a thoughtful assessment of my various allergies and recommended different alternatives for my long term treatment. The other New Milford office professionals are also kind and caring of patients including Robin and Sally who take care of me regularly for my allergy shots. Makes a real positive difference in your total care which I greatly appreciate as a patient.


Dr. Dave is a wonderful doctor. He takes his time, and tries to get to the root of the problem, rather than just pushing drug after drug. I had been on multiple inhalers before seeing Dr. Dave, who diagnosed allergies as the cause of my asthma. After treating my allergies, my asthma is now controlled without any inhalers!


Dr. Yogen A. Dave is an extraordinary doctor/allergist, I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I’ve seen many. At my first appointment, I wrote in my patient history something that other doctors had rolled their eyes. His next question floored me, “so where were you a year before this happened?” After my answer he nodded and told me what happened and yes, I was allergic. The relief that I felt after 40+ of being ridiculed by others was huge. Now, I’m back with questions and again, Dr. Dave gave thoughtful suggestions and options. He LISTENS and truly hears what you’re telling him. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Dave when someone is looking for a great allergist.


My son has a very severe peanut allergy, which was leading to a lot of anxiety. Dr. Dave was great with my son. He spent a lot of time discussing his food allergy, and helped us regain a sense of control.


I've been a patient of Dr. Dave for 3 years now. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is extremely knowledgable, patient and understanding. The office is always on time with their appointments and I never feel rushed out.


Dr. Bell is amazingly knowledgeable, very patient with my 3 year old, doesn't rush yet is always on time for our appointments. His staff is great with returning phone calls in a timely manner. Highly recommended.


Caring, thoughtful and there for us when we need her, Dr. Shah has been our allergist for 9 years and I can't imagine us seeing anyone else. She's helped increase my son's lung function, reduced cat allergy symptoms and are almost done with peanut desentization. I can't recommended her enough!


Dr. Shah is a very caring doctor. She really listens to any question I have. The office staff is wonderful too!


Amazing allergist [Dr. Shah]. My son has extreme allergies and she's be terrific with him.


[Dr. Godhwani] Very caring, friendly and very thorough. Really good!

New Milford

I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Shah for a few years now. Dr. Shah is great with her and that makes it so much easier to bring her in for her appointment. I find the staff to be friendly and professional.

I. S. - North Salem, NY

I have been going to Dr. Lee for over a year now. He is very nice and attentive and takes the time to explain diagnoses and treatments. He answers all of my questions and never rushes me. The staff is very nice.

H. M. - New Fairfield, CT

Audiology & Hearing Aids

I began losing my hearing 30+ yrs ago and am quite hearing impaired now. I "thought" I was happy with former audiologists UNTIL 2018 when I decided to see Dr. Tepper. He is kind and friendly, honest and attentive! His manner of testing and explaining couldn't be better. I rarely had to ask questions because he had already explained the issue. There are never any suppressed groans or eye ball rolling b/c we both agree that questions are important. Also, he has a wonderful smile! I CAN HEAR!


I cannot say enough about the excellent experience and services I received. Olivia Mitchell explained every aspect of operation in a way that made it so easy to understand. I would recommend this office without reservation to anyone. Even with the covid restrictions my experience and office visits were effortless. Many Thanks, B.


Dr. Lev was so wonderful when we brought my 2 year old son in to be evaluated. She was patient and easy to talk to and really put my boy at ease.


I was suffering the effects of hearing loss so I made an appointment with Advanced Audiology& Hearing Aid Services and saw Dr. Melissa Tatton Lev. I couldn’t be happier. From the exam, exploring Hearing Aid options, to fine tuning the hearing aids I chose very thorough. She explained everything and made sure I was satisfied throughout the process. I would highly recommend her services! My close friend went to a franchise Hearing Aid provider and spent a lot of money and has a product he can’t even wear. I’m recommending him to come here.


Dr. [Jenell] Douglas is a first rate professional. She is quite skilled and knowledgeable about the evolving science and art of audiology. Equally important is her ability to listen to the patient to gain a more complete understanding of the individual’s needs, lifestyle, etc. And finally, she has an up to the minute understanding of the latest technology enabling her to effectively work with the patient to determine the optimal solution. Advanced Audiology is quite fortunate to have her on the team!


Dr. Jocelyn Dore is a gift to the hearing challenged community. Her kind and caring demeanor along with her ready willingness to pursue individual remedies is a godsend!


I am so glad to see that Dr. Jocelyn Dore is on this list! [Ridgefield Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards] She is a gift to the hearing challenged community. Her kind and caring demeanor along with her ready willingness to pursue individual remedies is a Godsend!


My father had been fighting me about getting hearing aids for a long time. I finally got him to go and he met Art Tepper. Art really put my father at ease and was able to explain everything to him without losing his patience, which is not easy to do with my dad. He told him about all of the newest technology and by the end of the visit my dad was really pleased with his hearing aid choice and was actually excited to start wearing it. This has made such a big difference in my dad’s quality of life and has made living with him much easier. Thank you Art Tepper!

A. D. - Danbury, CT

I have been putting off getting a hearing aid because it was something I just did not want to do. I finally came in and met with Wendy Wallach-Deluca. Her professionalism and knowledge really amazed me. She was very sweet and I am very happy with my hearing aid choice. The staff made me feel very comfortable. Thank you Wendy.

L. S. - Redding, CT

I have been more than satisfied with the quality of the service at Advanced Specialty Care. Jocelyn Dore is always helpful and very knowledgeable. Today’s technology changes quickly and I’m always looking for something (hearing aid) that will work more efficiently for me. Jocelyn has worked with me to find the very best possible hearing aid for my particular hearing loss. She really “listens” to what I, as a patient, am saying to her and works to find a solution for me. My hearing loss is severe, yet I am functioning very well thanks to trusted guidance. There is no question that my daily life has improved.

A. A. - Wilton, CT

From the very first visit, Melissa Tatton Lev (ASC Audiologist) put my mother at ease and assured her that she would indeed do well with new hearing aides, especially because of changes and improvements in technology. Thank you to Melissa for her kind manner, understanding and tolerance. Her smile goes a long way and her professionalism and expertise are very much appreciated.

L.M. - Newtown, CT

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Dr June is one of the best doctors I have ever met, and a very talented surgeon. I've lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 45 years plus, therefore, can be difficult to heal. Not in this case. Dr June successfully removed a cyst from my finger and released a trigger and here I am just over four weeks --80% tip top. Surgical sites in amazing shape. All sealed, healing like never before, very clean. Total support, caring manner. I highly recommend Dr June.


I have been to Dr.Islam with aging parents for a variety of procedures and also have had several minor procedures myself. I wholeheartedly recommend this entire practice without reservation.


Dr. June has changed my life on such a short time. Her bedside manner is wonderful and I understood every step of the experience. I highly recommend her!


Dr. Goldenberg is by far the best plastic surgeon in this area. He is extremely meticulous, caring, knowledgeable and an artist. His end results speaks for itself.


Dr. Goldenberg is one of the best doctors I have been to. I had to have a procedure on my lip with a few stiches. I was very worried about scarring. Dr. Goldenberg did an absolute amazing job! No scar, barely visible. The office staff is so friendly, yet professional. The office is so pleasant and clean. It was a great experience, and I highly recommend Dr. Goldenberg and Advanced Specialty Care!


I had a pilonidal cyst and went to see my PCP. He took one look and said go see a Surgeon. I called Dr. Goldenberg and he was able to see me the next day. I was in terrible pain. I thought that he was going to look and then say I needed surgery and mean time do nothing for me (as my PCP did. Wow was I wrong. He immediately sprang into action and relieved the pressure and medicated it. He explained to me exactly what was going on. My follow up visit 2 days later the infection was gone. Now 3 weeks later I am doing very well and from the looks of it (knocking on wood), no surgery may be needed. I put my complete trust into Dr Goldenberg. I would recommend him to all my family and friends. If you are looking for a surgeon, look no longer, Dr. Goldenberg is your man.


Dr. Islam was wonderful! I had my breasts done here and you can not even tell they aren't mine ! Minimal scarring , you can barely see where the incision was. The cost of the surgury was very reasonable! I recommend using this practice if you plan to have some cosmetic surgery.


Took me 10 years to find a doctor that would make me feel comfortable and safe to do my nose. Dr. Soni is not just a plastic surgeon he is a Picasso on his field, and pretty soon he will do my breast implants. Also the whole staff from his office are wonderful!! The best surgeon ever!!


After seeing so many plastic surgeons I came to Dr. Soni’s office with a list of questions I had and he was able to answer all of them patiently, making me feel comfortable and sure that he was the plastic surgeon I was looking for. He did everything exactly how I asked for.I’m very happy and thrilled with my results and I would highly recommend doctor Soni for anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon.


Dr June is beyond talented! I’m stunned and elated every time I look at my breast lift after having my implants removed. I feel so much better without the implants but I look AMAZING as my husband keeps telling me. She did some job I hear from him every day. Look no where but Dr. June for your next surgery. I wish I could of had her the last two surgeries but she was still learning her unbelievable expertise with her magic hands . If I could give her higher then 5 stars I would!


I’m glad I found Dr. Soni. After going to 4 different surgeons I was recommended to Dr. Soni and right at the first visit I noticed how professional he is. I did abdominoplasty, breast silicone and liposuction, all done perfectly, the stitches are disappearing quickly all the results are amazing. I’m so happy with my body now. Thanks to Dr. Soni.


I went to Michelle [Grosso] a few weeks ago, and I am so happy with the results. I look so refreshed, and my crows feet, that I was so self-conscious of are now gone! Michelle did a wonderful job, because the procedure was basically painless.


My mother, A.W., had multiple surgeries. Dr. Soni explained the process throughly before and after each surgery. We were very pleased with the outcome of each procedure. She’s recouping well and we can’t thank Dr Soni enough. He’s an excellent doctor that we continue to recommend to others. Great personality. Treats her like a person and not a patient.


Dr. Soni is wonderful. He did my reconstruction after a double mastectomy and it was great. Everyone in the office is nice and friendly.


My mother had a melanoma spot under her eye that needed to be removed. We were referred to Dr. Goldenberg. He was wonderful with my older mother, very patient and made her feel at ease. Surgery went well, Dr. Goldenberg took the time to talk to me and my father after the surgery and was again great at the post op visit. Highly recommended.


If I could give Dr. Goldenberg and his kind-hearted staff 100 stars, I would. This guy is aces! I am so thankful to have found such a great doctor!


Spectacular all around, especially bedside manner! When I found out I had to have this surgery, I was EXTREMELY nervous, never having even been to a hospital. Dr. Soni was recommended to me from my gynecologist, with rave reviews. The minute I met him, I felt so much better. His bedside manner is impeccable and exactly what I needed in a this situation. Then, not only did I find out that he has been a top doc in CT for many years in a row, everyone I know in the healthcare business (mostly from my gym), has had nothing but excellent things to say about him. The surgery itself went well, and I am so relieved. Dr. Soni is obviously a perfectionist. He is also a very nice man, running a great practice, with fabulous staff. Every person in that office is super caring and accommodating. They follow through on everything- and immediately. I have never had a better experience with any provider n my entire life! I just wish they had a General Practice office on this side:) Specifically, I want to mention Ginny, Dr Soni's extremely competent and caring nurse, and Eve, his surgery scheduler who made me a lot less nervous about this procedure. Kudos to the ENTIRE practice and staff. I recommend Dr. Soni with no qualifications. Simply marvelous. Thank you for making this much easier on me, due to the care you provided.


Dr. Goldenberg was outstanding I had a operation on my ear you would never know it was done.


Dr. Soni is an amazing surgeon! He performed my breast reconstruction (which involves multiple surgeries) and I believe he is the most thorough and talented plastic surgeons out there. Dr. Soni is a detailed, knowledgeable, caring surgeon who seeks phenomenal results and achieves them! He is extremely personable and takes his time to talk with you and explain every step. Most importantly, I am positively thrilled with my results. I have also had Botox and lip fillers performed by Dr. Soni with the same outstanding results. I highly recommend Dr. Soni to anyone considering cosmetic surgery/procedures. He is a true artist and the utmost professional.


Wonderful staff and Dr. Soni has been more then wonderful!!


I have been seeing Dr. Goldenberg for several years now and I must say he always takes the time to explain everything to me. He never makes me feel like my silly questions are actually silly. When I walk in the staff has been friendly and they always make me feel at ease.

H. N. - Wilton, CT

I first met Dr. Soni at one of his seminars. His before and after photos were amazing. I took advantage of the complimentary consultation that they offered that night and I have now been going to him for years. People always think I am much younger than I really am and it is because of Dr. Soni. I feel so much better about myself and it is all because of him.

K. S. - Newtown, CT

My visits have always been pleasant. Dr. Goldenberg is an exceptional surgeon, I trust him fully. Dr. Hall is so nice and informative. I really like her. She is an asset to the office. It is nice now that you have a dermatologist in the office, also Cynthia for facials. I only have one office to go to for everything that I need. You are the best.

R. G. - Ridgefield, CT

Everyone working at Advanced Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery aims to please. I always leave 100% happy. I own a hair salon and I do the same for my business. What a wonderful feeling. I feel more confident about my looks. I got what I asked for which is a softer appearance. Now I have a better attitude and it motivates me. That is the way Dr. Soni makes me feel. There is no one better than him. No one!!

D. I. - Brewster, NY

Dr. Goldenberg took the time and explained consistently what he was doing and why. He was very comfortable and confident in what he was doing. My immediate results were fantastic and I feel great. I speak very highly of this practice. You have the most competent and experienced physicians.

C. T. - Redding, CT

I was referred to Dr. Islam by a friend and was delighted to find him personable, tremendously educated on hand issues, and with the added bonus of being a cosmetic plastic surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Islam to anyone wanting excellent hand care with a plastic surgeons’ touch!

H. G. - Bethel, CT


Fortunately my entire family was able to meet Sarah Tullo. She is very kind and down to earth with each of us and really listened to our concerns. We will definitely switch over and use her going forward.


I really like Dr. Egan. He explains everything that he's doing (or going to do) clearly. I've been seeing him for about 15 years for various things.


Prompt and courteous staff and the doctor [Dr.Werbitt] was fabulous. Took his time to understand the issue and provide thoughtful and clear feedback. Never felt rushed or pressured. They were on time and very professional. Highly recommended.


Although I rarely write reviews I feel I must contribute to this page. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Werbitt and his staff. The good doctor will treat every skin problem and also keep you young looking. He gives you realistic expectations and recommends procedures based upon your individual skin. I've never felt pain during any producer including those involving needles. The ladies at the desk are very knowledgeable and can recommend the office's own products. They go out of their way to get you the appointment time you need and are always genuinely friendly. I moved to Newtown and still travel all the way to Stamford because I don't trust anyone else to give me honest advice about which treatments are right for me. I've been a patient for more than 13 years and I will be a patient as long as the doctor is in practice. If I could leave ten stars for this office I would.


I have been under Dr. Werbitt's care for over 5 years now. He is a true professional who has also been caring for my mother for well over 10 years. He is thorough and patient with all my skin care questions. I highly recommend. His staff is delightful as well.


Dr. Werbitt took really good care of a scar on my face l. He knew actually what to do to treat it and for my check up I had a skin tag under my armpit and he said I can take care of that for you right now no charge. Such an amazing perosn highly recommend seeing him for any dermatologist questions or help.


I'm thrilled with the results from my Botox appointment with Sarah Tullo. The process was quick and painless and she addressed all of my "problem areas" where fine lines and wrinkles were beginning to appear. I would recommend her to anyone!


I am very satisfied with the results from my truSculpt treatment. I noticed a significant difference in the area treated after my first treatment, so much so that I purchased a second. My results are amazing and I feel summer ready!!!


Dr. Werbitt is a great doctor. He really took a lot of time explaining the skincare regimen and different treatments to my daughter. Also when my insurance didn’t cover the medication she needed he actually personally called me and made arrangements to get her samples. Its not often you find a doctor that cares so much for his patients these days and goes the extra mile. I highly recommend him.


I just moved to this area and when I needed a dermatologist. I must say the staff was very nice and the office was very clean. When I met Dr. Egan he put me right at ease. I had my doubts since I was new to this state and I found Dr. Egan on the internet, but he was great and he is now my permanent dermatologist. They have several other practices in that office and I will be using them when/if needed.

J. P. - Norwalk, CT

Dr. Egan not only listened to my issues, he thoroughly explained causes of my condition, and treatment options. His care and empathy were commendable! I only wish I found him years ago. If you are in need of an experienced, down to earth dermatologist I would recommend Dr. Egan hands down.

P. M. - Ridgefield, CT

ENT / Head & Neck Surgery

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Monroe and the entire staff. They couldn’t have been more accommodating and totally put me at ease. Super efficient, professional and kind. I would strongly recommend Dr. Monroe and his team.


Very pleased with Dr. Bloch- very personable, professional, and understanding. Highly recommend his services to whoever needs thyroid surgery.


Excellent experience with Dr. Bloch's entire team. He explained - in as much detail as I wanted - about the procedure, recovery period and other ancillary follow ups I needed (Endocrinologist). He also very thoughtfully answered my wife's numerous questions about everything associated with the procedure. Excellent bedside manner and communication skills. Procedure was completed exactly as described. Top Notch.


My primary care physician recommended a hearing checkup and cleaning. I saw previous reviews here and went to my appointment with some reservations. Dr. Monroe and the entire staff were super friendly! Very pleased with the level of service!


Friendly Staff, Comfortable atmosphere, The group worked tirelessly with my Insurance co. to get everything approved in a very shot time frame. Dr. Klarsfeld takes the time to listen and is thorough in his examination and execution of the care provided. 100% recommended.


Dr. Klarsfeld is an amazing doctor. Highly recommend him. He saved my life!! I needed an MRI and was denied twice. He actually pushed for me and final received an MRI which they found a tumor the size of an Apple where my brain is. If it wasn’t for his knowledge and care for all patients I would not be writing this review. He has visited me 3 times at the hospital and made me feel special. He has the biggest heart!!! So Grateful...


The office staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Bloch is very personable and made me feel at ease with my procedure by his explanation of everything that will happen.


I had successful parathyroid surgery. Same day surgery with hardly any pain afterwards. I was able to work a little less than a week later. Dr. Bloch answered all of our questions before surgery and after.


Dr. Bard and his staff are fabulous. He performed septoplasty surgery on my husband and we found Dr. Bard very personable and very informative as far as explaining exactly what to expect after surgery. He is very generous with his time and we never felt rushed, terrific bedside manner and Dr. Bard he was very empathetic to our concerns. Thank you to Dr. Bard and his entire staff.


Dr. Batti is the kindest, most caring and compassionate doctor I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting. Our 8 month old daughter was in terrible pain from ear infections and 4 courses of antibiotics hadn’t worked. On 6/21, we saw Dr. Batti and he knew we were scheduled to fly on 6/29. Dr. Batti opened his schedule especially for our daughter to have tubes put in at Danbury hospital the following Wednesday, 6/26. We are so grateful for Dr. Batti and his dedication, his staff, the doctors and nurses at Danbury hospital and MOST grateful for our little girl being pain free!


Loved Dr. James S. Batti, my daughter had her tonsils and adenoids taken out, the procedure was fast and after surgery the nurses were amazing and caring to our needs and concerns.


My 5 year old daughter recently saw Dr. Monroe for her recurring ear infections. Upon examinations, he suggested she would benefit from ear tubes, for which he also performed the procedure. He was very professional, polite, and punctual. He took the time to answer any questions I had, never made me feel rushed, and had a great manner with my daughter to help her feel comfortable and at ease. Great experience, would definitely recommend him!


Thank you ever so much for your kindness, support and smiles over the past six years.. it has always been such a great comfort to know that there is such an incredible team at your practice to help get us through the craziness!

From medical scheduling to the lovely administrators @ the front desk, I am eternally grateful. And, of course, you all know how your hard work and dedication allows Dr. Bloch to take care of his patients at the highest level. Having seen him for the last six years, and having been under his care several times in Danbury Hospital, I can tell you, he’s the best!

C.D. - Ridgefield, CT

Dr. Bard, thank you for your kindness. God Bless You!

E. O. J. - New Fairfield, CT

Dr. Batti is the best doctor and one of the nicest people I have ever met. When my 6-year old was sick, not only was he able to see him the same day, but he was able to make him smile and also put my fears to rest. The office staff was very professional and gave him plenty of stickers at the end of his visit. I tell all of my friends about Dr. Batti.

L. P. - Norwalk, CT

I had been sick for several days by the time I realized I probably had an ear infection and I was miserable. I called Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat care and they were able to fit me in at the end of the day after work. I had to wait a few minutes to see Dr. Bard but the staff kept popping in to see if I was ok. When you are feeling horrible, that extra care really makes a big difference to you. When Dr. Bard came in, he was smiling and pleasant as if I was his first patient of the day. He examined me and I did have a double ear infection and he gave me my prescriptions and told me what to do. Because they treated me like they really care, I was feeling better by the time I left the office. I would recommend this practice to everyone.

N. A. - Ridgefield, CT

Dr. Klarsfeld is not only a skilled physician and surgeon; he is personable and has a pleasant bedside manner. How refreshing! Since my Septoplasty, I can sleep on my side all curled up. I no longer get waves of nausea and sinus headaches each afternoon. The office staff is pleasant and service oriented, especially Flo in surgical scheduling, messages don’t get lost. They are reliable and follow up the way they say they will.

P.S. - Wilton, CT

Hand Surgery

I have been to Dr.Islam with aging parents for a variety of procedures and also have had several minor procedures myself. I wholeheartedly recommend this entire practice without reservation.


Dr. June has changed my life on such a short time. Her bedside manner is wonderful and I understood every step of the experience. I highly recommend her!


I was seeing signs of aging and wanted to do something to change that. I wanted to look as good as I feel. I am so grateful to Dr. Soni for making that a reality. Dr. Soni is amazing. He made me look 20 years younger! The proof is in the mirror. I am so happy at this point in my life. I look forward everyday to feeling better than I have in years. I have already spoken to a friend and she is now a patient. After seeing my results, my daughters are very interested in coming to Advanced Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery.

A. P. - Danbury, CT

I was referred to Dr. Islam by a friend and was delighted to find him personable, tremendously educated on hand issues, and with the added bonus of being a cosmetic plastic surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Islam to anyone wanting excellent hand care with a plastic surgeons’ touch!

H. G. - Bethel, CT

Skincare & Laser

Today I had a wonderful HydraFacial with Heather [Colon]. 🍀 Thank you! Starting with booking my appointment and all the way through check out, the staff was friendly and my total experience was positive.


I am very satisfied with the results from my truSculpt treatment. I noticed a significant difference in the area treated after my first treatment, so much so that I purchased a second. My results are amazing and I feel summer ready!!!


I just had my first peel with Heather [Colon]. She was very gentle and very detailed in reviewing everything with me. I was very pleased.

C. R. - Westport, CT