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Audiology Testimonials

    Audiology Testimonials

    I have been more than satisfied with the quality of the service at Advanced Specialty Care. Jocelyn Dore is always helpful and very knowledgeable. Today’s technology changes quickly and I’m always looking for something (hearing aid) that will work more efficiently for me. Jocelyn has worked with me to find the very best possible hearing aid for my particular hearing loss. She really “listens” to what I, as a patient, am saying to her and works to find a solution for me. My hearing loss is severe, yet I am functioning very well thanks to trusted guidance. There is no question that my daily life has improved.

    Dr. [Jenell] Douglas is a first rate professional. She is quite skilled and knowledgeable about the evolving science and art of audiology. Equally important is her ability to listen to the patient to gain a more complete understanding of the individual’s needs, lifestyle, etc. And finally, she has an up to the minute understanding of the latest technology enabling her to effectively work with the patient to determine the optimal solution. Advanced Audiology is quite fortunate to have her on the team!

    I cannot say enough about the excellent experience and services I received. Olivia Mitchell explained every aspect of operation in a way that made it so easy to understand. I would recommend this office without reservation to anyone. Even with the covid restrictions my experience and office visits were effortless. Many Thanks, B***

    I was suffering the effects of hearing loss so I made an appointment with Advanced Audiology& Hearing Aid Services and saw Dr. Melissa Tatton Lev. I couldn’t be happier. From the exam, exploring Hearing Aid options, to fine tuning the hearing aids I chose very thorough. She explained everything and made sure I was satisfied throughout the process. I would highly recommend her services! My close friend went to a franchise Hearing Aid provider and spent a lot of money and has a product he can’t even wear. I’m recommending him to come here.

    I have been putting off getting a hearing aid because it was something I just did not want to do. I finally came in and met with Wendy Wallach-Deluca. Her professionalism and knowledge really amazed me. She was very sweet and I am very happy with my hearing aid choice. The staff made me feel very comfortable. Thank you Wendy.

    Dr. Jocelyn Dore is a gift to the hearing challenged community. Her kind and caring demeanor along with her ready willingness to pursue individual remedies is a godsend!

    From the very first visit, Melissa Tatton Lev (ASC Audiologist) put my mother at ease and assured her that she would indeed do well with new hearing aides, especially because of changes and improvements in technology. Thank you to Melissa for her kind manner, understanding and tolerance. Her smile goes a long way and her professionalism and expertise are very much appreciated.

    Dr. Lev was so wonderful when we brought my 2 year old son in to be evaluated. She was patient and easy to talk to and really put my boy at ease.

    I am so glad to see that Dr. Jocelyn Dore is on this list! [Ridgefield Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards] She is a gift to the hearing challenged community. Her kind and caring demeanor along with her ready willingness to pursue individual remedies is a Godsend!

    My father had been fighting me about getting hearing aids for a long time. I finally got him to go and he met Art Tepper. Art really put my father at ease and was able to explain everything to him without losing his patience, which is not easy to do with my dad. He told him about all of the newest technology and by the end of the visit my dad was really pleased with his hearing aid choice and was actually excited to start wearing it. This has made such a big difference in my dad’s quality of life and has made living with him much easier. Thank you Art Tepper!

    I began losing my hearing 30+ yrs ago and am quite hearing impaired now. I "thought" I was happy with former audiologists UNTIL 2018 when I decided to see Dr. Tepper. He is kind and friendly, honest and attentive! His manner of testing and explaining couldn't be better. I rarely had to ask questions because he had already explained the issue. There are never any suppressed groans or eye ball rolling b/c we both agree that questions are important. Also, he has a wonderful smile! I CAN HEAR!