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Skincare FAQs

    Skincare Frequently Asked Questions

    You should not have a chemical peel if you:

    • Are using Accutane
    • Are using Retin-A (unless discontinued 1 week prior)
    • Have allergies to aspirin and salicylates
    • Have active cold sores
    • Have dormant eczema
    • Are pregnant or lactating
    Initially your skin may be somewhat red or puffy. It may take up to one week for the renewal and rebuilding process to allow your skin appearance to return to “normal”. During this repair/renewal period some patients have experienced some of the following: stinging, itching, burning, tightness, sun sensitivity, and peeling of the superficial layer of the skin. Light peeling is an expected result, of course, but not necessary to see the improvement you want. The sensations will lessen over the course of the week as the skin returns to its “normal” appearance. There may be some crusting and or puffing, particularly if the peel has been intense (deep). This should be allowed to heal naturally. Any changes in skin pigmentation, or uncomfortable irritation should be reported to your physician’s office right away.
    Skincare & Laser services are available at our Danbury, Norwalk and Ridgefield offices.