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Allergy Testimonials

    Allergy & Asthma Patient Testimonials

    Dr. Godhwani is wonderful. I see her quarterly as she oversees my Asthma and Allergy care. She is easy to speak with at each appointment and not only makes sure all my questions are answered but invites me to call and speak with her personally if I have any other questions. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and cares for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!

    Have had a great experience with my son who has a peanut allergy and currently undergoing OIT - pleasant, caring staff. Dr. Bell is very kind and knowledgeable - my son also really likes him which is a bonus!

    Dr. Dave is a wonderful doctor. He takes his time, and tries to get to the root of the problem, rather than just pushing drug after drug. I had been on multiple inhalers before seeing Dr. Dave, who diagnosed allergies as the cause of my asthma. After treating my allergies, my asthma is now controlled without any inhalers!

    Caring, thoughtful and there for us when we need her, Dr. Shah has been our allergist for 9 years and I can't imagine us seeing anyone else. She's helped increase my son's lung function, reduced cat allergy symptoms and are almost done with peanut desentization. I can't recommended her enough!

    Dr. Godhwani provided a thoughtful assessment of my various allergies and recommended different alternatives for my long term treatment. The other New Milford office professionals are also kind and caring of patients including Robin and Sally who take care of me regularly for my allergy shots. Makes a real positive difference in your total care which I greatly appreciate as a patient.

    We have had an excellent experience with Dr. Bell. We switched to him from our previous allergist due to his extensive knowledge about food allergies, and his ability to communicate the entire process to us (we are there now for OIT). He makes sure that we are always on the same page, whether it is guiding us during the peanut desensitization process or interpreting the results of food allergy testing.. He is so kind and friendly to my son as well who is 5 years old. I would highly recommend!

    My son has a very severe peanut allergy, which was leading to a lot of anxiety. Dr. Dave was great with my son. He spent a lot of time discussing his food allergy, and helped us regain a sense of control.

    Awesome doctor [Dr. Godhwani]! Took her time to take care of my asthma needs and help me keep it under control.

    We love Dr. Dave! Our son had very difficult to control asthma, until seeing Dr. Dave who explained that allergies can make asthma worse. We got on a plan to get his allergies under control, and now his asthma rarely bothers him.

    I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Shah for a few years now. Dr. Shah is great with her and that makes it so much easier to bring her in for her appointment. I find the staff to be friendly and professional.

    I have been going to Dr. Lee for over a year now. He is very nice and attentive and takes the time to explain diagnoses and treatments. He answers all of my questions and never rushes me. The staff is very nice.

    Dr. Bell is amazingly knowledgeable, very patient with my 3 year old, doesn't rush yet is always on time for our appointments. His staff is great with returning phone calls in a timely manner. Highly recommended.

    I've been a patient of Dr. Dave for 3 years now. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is extremely knowledgable, patient and understanding. The office is always on time with their appointments and I never feel rushed out.

    Dr. Shah is a very caring doctor. She really listens to any question I have. The office staff is wonderful too!

    Amazing allergist [Dr. Shah]. My son has extreme allergies and she's be terrific with him.