Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Oral Immunotherapy/Peanut Desensitization?
At what point will we buy our own food?
What is the success rate?
For how many days can doses be skipped at home without the necessity of decreasing the next dose?
Does illness affect the peanut dosing schedule?
Are there specific precautions relating to peanut home dosing?
What time of day is best for the home peanut doses?
Should peanut doses be administered on a full or empty stomach?
In someone who has asthma, can a peanut allergic reaction manifest as an exacerbation of asthma, without any other symptoms, i.e., no rash/hives or stomach discomfort?
What can I expect during the second visit?
Should routine allergy or asthma medication be stopped before the first Oral Immunotherapy visit?
What should I do if there is a reaction at home?
What are the most common symptoms during build-up?
What is the end point of the peanut desensitization program?
What happens after the second visit?
How long does the initial Peanut Desensitization office visit last?
How old must one be to participate in Peanut Desensitization?
Where do you provide Allergy & Asthma Services?