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Our Mission is to Keep You Safe

Our Mission is to Keep You Safe

We are all tired of waiting this pandemic out. We’ve done our best to social distance, to don masks, to maintain a Covid-free zone while we on-line teach our children and Zoom call our friends and family. Bottom line, we have endured. But that doesn’t mean we let our guard down. The Covid-19 virus continues to ravage our community.

With that in mind, we want all our patients to know the extra measures we take daily to safeguard their health.

What to Expect When You Arrive

Before you step inside our office, your temperature will be checked with a no-contact thermometer and you’ll be asked a series of questions to determine if you or someone you’ve recently been in contact with may have coronavirus.

To keep you safe, we’ve modified our waiting rooms and lobbies so patients can stay at least six feet (about two arm lengths) apart. This helps keep everyone safer and healthier. When you check in for your appointment – or if there’s a short wait – new layouts and helpful signage make it easy to know where to go and when.

You’ll also need to wear a mask during your visit. If you arrive without one, you’ll be given a disposable mask.

We’re also limiting visitors in our locations to reduce the number of people in our waiting rooms and lobbies. By having less people in our facilities, there’s less chance for viruses and other germs to circulate. This may not allow family members or friends to come with you during your appointment. If you’re accompanying a child or a person that needs assistance, please let the office know in advance.

Cleaning Behind the Scenes

While you wait to see a provider, our medical teams are hard at work maintaining an ultra-clean environment. We know that the coronavirus and other germs can live on surfaces people touch. That’s why we’ve added extra surface cleanings, disinfection and safety protocols at all of our locations, in addition to our regular rigorous cleaning standards. This includes doors, lobbies, restrooms, waiting rooms, appointment rooms, audiology booths, furniture, vents, and equipment at all our locations. Every evening, cleaning crews scour surfaces again and several times weekly the offices are “bombed” with super-powerful cleaning mists.

Each of our care sites are well stocked with disinfectants and other cleaning supplies. Before you enter an exam room, stand at check-in or check-out, we’ve made sure every surface, seat, high-touch and high-traffic area is hygienic. This not only keeps you safe but ensures that our providers remain protected as well.

Up Close and Personal

At ASC, keeping the virus outside our doors and away from our patients and staff is the ultimate goal. To that end, all ASC staff members are screened for COVID-19 symptoms when they arrive each morning. We temperature check every employee daily. If we become aware of a staff member with symptoms, we help them get tested and guide them towards the right care.

Our providers take the potential spread of Covid-19 super seriously. Once our medical staff enters the exam room to discuss your health problem, they are continuously aware of safety protocols. Each wears a face mask mask, washes hands, changes gloves, dons personal protective equipment during procedures, and keeps a safe distance while reviewing recommendations. Moreover, the vaccination of our employees continues so we can best protect our community at large.

If You’re In a High Risk Group

If you prefer not to be around people outside your home or have a medical condition that puts you at high risk, then it’s important to communicate that to our staff. Together we can work through a solution, whether that’s pivoting to a virtual visit or, if necessary, having you come in when there are as few people in the office as possible.

Seek in-person care for emergencies and preventive care.

After all the devastation this virus has caused, it’s understandable if you feel reluctant to seek medical care. But don’t let coronavirus fears keep you from receiving the healthcare services you need. If you suspect a medical problem, schedule an appointment- especially if you have symptoms of sudden hearing loss, throat and neck pain or swelling, asthma or new onset rashes or skin problems.

That also means coming in for what may seem like a small problem. Any minor symptom still needs to be addressed by a medical professional and each of our providers are there to keep you safe and healthy. Let them guide your care and recommend how often to check for ear, nose and throat problems, allergy and asthma concerns, as well as dermatologic care based on your overall health and family medical history. Because now that the end of the pandemic is in sight, we at ASC want you as healthy as possible when it does.

To see a full list of practice and patient safety measures and screening questions, click here.

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