ASC’s COVID-19 Practice & Patient Safety Measures

Advanced Specialty Care’s COVID-19 Practice & Patient Safety Measures

The coronavirus crisis has touched upon most everyone in our world and at Advanced Specialty Care we have both been monitoring recommendations and proactively implementing protective measures for our patients and our staff.

Your well being is our top priority and we are dedicated to ensuring you have access to specialty healthcare services including including ENT, Allergy, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Audiology care when you need them. We have remained open to continue to service our community and to help reduce the strain on hospitals and Emergency Rooms during this time of need.

To ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff, we’ve implemented the following advanced protective measures:

1.) All new appointment requests have been and will continue to be screened for symptoms, contacts and recent travel. All who indicate fever or feverish feelings anytime in the last week, who have had a contact with a known infected patient or have recently traveled to a high-risk area are referred to our telehealth physician screening. Click here for screening questions and list of states included in Connecticut’s travel advisory.

2.) On arrival all patients and related visitors are checked for fever and again have symptoms, contacts and recent travel questioned. Those who meet criteria are denied access to the office and attended to through our telehealth physician service.

3.) Only patients under the age of 18 may be accompanied by one parent/guardian. All other visitors must wait in their car.

4.) A maximum of one (1) child under the age of 12 may accompany an adult patient to an office visit. One child per family, not per parent.

5.) All visitors over the age of 2 who pass criteria are required to wear a mask upon entry to our office.

6.) All visitors are required to wear a mask upon entry to our office. Face masks with an external valve are not permitted unless they are covered with a second non-valved face covering or mask.

7.) Universal precautions are firmly mandated in our office so all clinical staff and physicians when in the exam room with a patient will be wearing masks and have cleaned their hands prior to encountering the patients.

8.) All exam rooms are cleaned thoroughly between patient visits with appropriate disinfectants as well as all the hard surfaces in our waiting room regularly.

9.) All equipment used in patient care is carefully discarded or properly sterilized between uses.

10.) Any employees who show any signs of respiratory illness and/or fever have been sent home with their return predicated on negative Corona Virus testing confirmed.

11.) We are deploying ‘social distancing’ in the office wherever we can for our staff and our patients.

12.) We have deployed rigorous screening, social distancing and disinfecting protocols within all of our offices.

13.) Telehealth appointment services are also now available, where medically appropriate, for both new and existing patients via phone or video call. In-office visits remain available for all specialties in our Danbury, Ridgefield, Norwalk, Stamford and New Milford office locations.

We continue to do all that we can to care for our patients and, perhaps more importantly, do our part in serving the needs of our local healthcare community. Anything we can do to relieve some of the burden on primary care offices as well as the hospital and emergency room helps everyone.

We’re here to serve you and we’re in this together!


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