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Now Offering Telehealth Appointments

Now Offering Telehealth Appointments

Now Offering Telehealth Appointments at Advanced Specialty Care

See a Specialist without leaving your home with Telehealth Appointments

Your health and well being are our number one priority and in order to better serve you, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering Telehealth Appointments where appropriate at Advanced Specialty Care.

Advanced Specialty Care is providing televisits, where appropriate, for routine and urgent appointments for both new and existing patients. Telehealth appointments are available for new and existing patients by video and by phone.

Click here to schedule your telehealth appointment today!

What is a Telehealth Appointment?
A Telehealth or Telemedicine Appointment is a virtual medical appointment conducted over secure video or over the phone between you and a physician specialist at Advanced Specialty Care.
Patients do not need to have video capabilities, a computer or smartphone to participate in Telehealth Appointments. Telehealth Appointments may also be conducted via telephone.
What are the benefits of Telehealth Appointments?
During these uncertain times, it’s important that you still have access to the specialty care you need. Telehealth Appointments allow you to be seen by a specialist without having to leave your home.
How can you request a Telehealth Appointment at Advanced Specialty Care?
Please click here to request your Telehealth Appointment. Telehealth appointments at Advanced Specialty Care are available where appropriate. *While most insurance carriers cover telehealth visits, please check with your insurance carrier to confirm coverage.
*Please check with your insurance to confirm telehealth coverage. For those without insurance coverage, telehealth appointments are available for a flat fee.
Same Day Appointments Available

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