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Physician Assistant Spotlight: Naomi Steinfeld, ENT Specialist

Physician Assistant Spotlight: Naomi Steinfeld, ENT Specialist

October 6-12 marks National PA Week; a week devoted to honoring, thanking and recognizing Physician Assistants, their contributions to the nation’s health and the profession as a whole. In honor of National PA Week, we’ll be honoring and featuring the Physician Assistants at Advanced Specialty Care throughout the entire month of October.

This week’s PA spotlight features ENT Physician Assistant Naomi Steinfeld who was inspired to pursue medicine after the loss of her father.

I attended Syracuse University where I received my my undergraduate degree in Communications. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I decided to attend the University of Bridgeport Physician Assistant Institute.

I initially decided to make a career change after my father became terminally ill with cancer and subsequently passed away.  It was a combination of good and bad experiences with the medical field during his battle with cancer that ultimately inspired me to get into medical care so that I could help others.

As a Physician Assistant, your clinical rotations during school provide you with experience in multiple specialty areas as well as general medicine which gives you a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to evaluating patients as a whole and providing appropriate. I decided to focus and specialize in Otolayngology, ear, nose and throat care, and also belong to the American Academy of Otolaryngology & Head/Neck Surgery.

One thing I’d like my patients to know about Physician Assistants, especially from an ENT perspective, is that we’re capable of treating and diagnosing a variety of conditions and performing advanced testing and procedures. We handle everything from nasal endoscopy, ear cleaning and management of acute ear infections to management of acute epistaxis/cauterization, interpreting hearing tests and management of vertigo/dizziness and more. PA’s work together with supervising physicians and regularly discuss and coordinate patient care for office visits, surgical procedures, in-patient care and post-operative care and everything in-between.

Naomi Steinfeld, PA-C has practiced as an ENT Physician Assistant in both office practice and hospital settings, treating patients of all ages. She’s an accomplished provider with experience assisting with complex ENT surgical cases and seeing routine and advanced office appointments. 

If you’d like to schedule an ENT appointment at Advanced Specialty Care with Naomi Steinfeld, PA-C, please call (203) 830-4700 or click here to fill out an appointment request form.

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