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Introduction to Mallet Finger: What It Is & How It’s Treated

Mallet Finger is a condition in which the finger's tendon becomes damaged or even fully detached after an injury, with symptoms including swelling and stiffness.

Introduction to Mallet Finger: What It Is & How It’s Treated

Written by Dr. Sohel Islam

What is Mallet Finger?

Mallet finger, also known as baseball finger or drop finger, is a condition in which the tendon that extends the finger becomes damaged, leading to the inability to fully straighten the affected finger.  This typically occurs as a result of an injury to the fingertip, such as a forceful blow or jamming of the finger.  In some cases, the tendon may even be completely torn or detached from the bone.

What are the Symptoms of Mallet Finger?

Symptoms of mallet finger include pain, swelling, and stiffness in the affected finger, as well as an inability to fully extend it.  In more severe cases, the fingertip may droop downward and remain bent, even when attempting to straighten it.

How is Mallet Finger Treated?

Treatment for mallet finger typically involves immobilizing the finger in a splint or cast for several weeks, allowing the damaged tendon to heal.  In some cases, surgery may be necessary to reattach a completely torn or detached tendon.  Physical therapy may also be recommended to help restore range of motion and strength in the affected finger.

What Happens if Mallet Finger is Left Untreated?

If left untreated, mallet finger can lead to a permanent deformity of the affected finger, with the fingertip remaining bent or drooping downward.  In some cases, the damaged tendon may also become shortened, making it more difficult to extend the finger even after treatment.

In addition to the physical limitations, untreated mallet finger can also cause chronic pain and discomfort in the affected finger.  Over time, this can affect a person’s ability to perform daily tasks and even impact their quality of life.

Contact Our Medical Professionals for Further Consultation Regarding Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments for Your Hand Injuries

It’s important to seek medical attention if you suspect you have mallet finger, as early treatment can help prevent long-term complications and improve the chances of a full recovery.  The experienced Hand Surgeons at Advanced Specialty Care are fully capable of evaluating your condition and providing the next steps for recovery based on your individual condition.  Contact us today for further information by calling or requesting an appointment online.


– Sohel Islam, MD

Dr. Sohel Islam is a board-certified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon.  He specializes in hand surgerybreast surgery, including breast augmentationsliftsreductionsmale breast reduction, nipple tattoos and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, as well as facelifts, necklifts, eyelid surgeryliposuctiontummy tucks, mommy makeovers, excess skin removal, body procedures, reconstruction following trauma or surgery and Botox and Fillers for anti-aging, lip enhancement and more.  Dr. Islam practices at Advanced Specialty Care’s Ridgefield, CT and Danbury, CT offices.


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