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Video Walkthrough: Tattoo Removal

Video Walkthrough: Tattoo Removal

Did you know that Tattoo Removal is one of the most asked-about Cosmetic procedures? It makes sense that as the overall demand for tattoos increases throughout the years, so too does the desire to remove them. It’s said that about forty percent of adults between 26 and 40 years old have at least one tattoo on their body, and the reasoning for wanting them removed varies–maybe you inked the (former) love of your life’s name somewhere on yourself when you were a teenager. Perhaps you’ve outgrown the Popeye sailor’s anchor you have on your forearm. Whatever the reason, it’s important for patients to know that they have an option to pursue which doesn’t entail getting a traditional “cover-up” tattoo, which merely obscures the previous, now undesirable artwork.

In the following video, watch as Advanced Specialty Care Dermatologist, Dr. Kenneth Egan, performs a session of Tattoo Removal on a patient and summarizes the overall process:

Tattoo Removal at ASC is performed using an FDA-approved laser that pulses light into the tattoo to break up the pigment and fade the ink. We provide removal for black or blue-colored tattoos using a Q-Switched Yag laser–specially designed to selectively target the tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin.

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