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Immunologist Dr. Yogen Dave Shares Tips on Boosting Your Immune System

Immunologist Dr. Yogen Dave Shares Tips on Boosting Your Immune System

Allergist and Immunologist, Dr. Yogen Dave, and other Connecticut healthcare professionals, recently discussed “Tried-and-true principles are the best defense against sickness” for Connecticut Magazine’s October 2020 edition.

Dr. Yogen Dave

With flu and cold season knocking on our door, the medical experts shared everything from exercise and diet to supplements and meditation as ways to improve your immune system and ward off illness.

Dr. Dave, who also specializes in asthma care, advocated regular exercise as one of the most effective lifestyle practices to promote your immune system health. According to an extensive exercise study, the participants that exercised during the study had 43% less days with symptoms of respiratory infection compared to the group advised not to exercise during the study.

Exercise wasn’t Dave’s only recommendation, he also advises patients to discuss supplement and vitamin needs with your doctor to ensure you are deficient otherwise, your kidneys will simply filter out any excess vitamins. A blood test is an easy way to pinpoint your individual vitamin deficiencies so you and your provider can decide on proper dosage and supplementation. While vitamin and mineral deficiency will vary from person to person, two noteworthy deficiencies are Vitamin D, which many Connecticut residents lack during winter months, and zinc which helps support how your immune system responds to infection.

Click here to read the full Connecticut Magazine article with tips and facts from Dr. Yogen Dave, Allergist and Immunologist at Advanced Specialty Care, Laura Haynes, Immunology Professor at the UConn Center on Aging at UConn Health and Chris Barrett, Registered Dietician-Nutritionist at the Hartford HealthCare’s Center for Musculoskeletal Health at the Bone & Joint Institute.

Dr. Yogen Dave is an Allergist and Immunologist at Advanced Specialty Care in Connecticut. Dr. Dave practices in Danbury, CT and Ridgefield, CT and provides pediatric and adult allergy, immunology and asthma care. Additionally, Dr. Dave and fellow Allergists at Advanced Specialty Care, offer immunotherapy including food oral immunotherapy for the desensitization of food allergies.

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