Benefits of Spot Liposuction To Jowls With A Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift using soft tissue fillers such as Radiesse and Voluma can restore youthful fullness to the cheek area. It does this by resolving the downward relaxation of the cheek fat (or malar fat pad). But one shortcoming of the liquid facelift is that it cannot eliminate the appearance of moderate jowling. If jowl fat is simply liposuctioned, the skin has tremendous capacity to tighten down.

A spot liposuction of the jowl fat can be performed through a tiny 3mm poke hole behind the ear to permanently remove the fat. This will smooth the jawline within a few minutes. The procedure may need to be repeated after 5-10 years to adjust for additional fat descent into the jowl area.

In many instances, a spot liposuction with a liquid facelift is all that is needed, especially in people who still have a full, rounded blush line. It requires a one to two day recovery period.

Because this technique can be done fairly quickly, it can be combined with other procedures such as Botox, chemical peels, or eyelid and neck tightening procedures. This graduated approach is precise and excellent for people who are too busy to endure the recovery time involved with a mini or full facelift. Of all the minimally invasive techniques, this is also much more cost effective than external laser and ultrasound therapies proclaimed to be non-surgical facelifts.

On scientific grounds alone, skin-tightening procedures simply cannot lift the deeper sagging tissues that cause an aged appearance. Furthermore, the ability of ultrasound treatment to reposition the fat pads has not been scientifically corroborated due to the proprietary nature of the companies that make these devices. Results on the face are anecdotally reported to take six months to be fully visible and treatments have to be repeated in one to two years. The liquid facelift with or without liposuction is currently a more cost-effective technique that yields immediate results and a similar duration of effect.

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– Dr. Prashant Soni


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