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Physician Assistant Spotlight: Donna Haupt, ENT Specialist

Physician Assistant Spotlight: Donna Haupt, ENT Specialist

October 6-12 marks National PA Week; a week devoted to honoring, thanking and recognizing Physician Assistants, their contributions to the nation’s health and the profession as a whole. In honor of National PA Week, we’ll be honoring and featuring the Physician Assistants at Advanced Specialty Care throughout the entire month of October.

In this PA spotlight, we feature ENT Physician Assistant, Donna Haupt. Donna Haupt, PA-C, shares what inspired her to change her career and pursue practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant.

I came to become a Physician Assistant as a second career. I had worked for a decade as an investigative journalist at LIFE magazine covering the breaking news, wars, celebrities,  scientific breakthroughs and social unrest. I interacted with both the over-privileged as well as the sick and the under-served. When I left journalism to raise a family, one thing I missed was the ability to help others through their stories, eventually deciding medicine would satisfy that and far more.

Now, after attending the Yale Physician Assistant program for my degree, I’ve spent the last 20 years enjoying the best possible career: meeting, diagnosing and treating the most diverse and wonderful community of patients. I’ve seen their vulnerability and pain, unraveled their symptoms, ordered tests and labs to figure out their medical problems and helped them get better or guide them to a place for further care.

As a Physician Assistant I’ve known when to turn to my  colleague doctors for guidance and continue to learn from their expertise and experience. It’s a team approach to rendering the best care possible for the patient in need.

It continues to be the fullest and most gratifying career I could have chosen.

Donna Haupt has over 10 years of experience as an ENT Physician Assistant as well as prior specialty care and family medicine practice experience. As a healthcare provider, Donna strives to not just treat her patients but to do so with compassion and empathy. She believes in delivering the same level of thoroughness and dedication to her patients as she would expect from a provider caring for her own family.

If you’d like to schedule an ENT appointment at Advanced Specialty Care with Donna Haupt, PA-C, please call (203) 830-4700 or click here to fill out an appointment request form.

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