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Dr. Danielle Warner

Dr. Danielle Warner

Get to know Dr. Danielle Warner at Advanced Specialty Care!
We are excited to have accomplished ENT Specialist, Dr. Danielle Warner on our team of expert otolaryngologists and head and neck surgeons at ASC!
In this blog, she opens up about what led her to pursue a career practicing medicine and also shares her interests and passions outside of medicine.

1. How did you get into the field? What lead you to otolaryngology?

I’m not sure how this came to me, but as a young child I had decided that I would be either and astronaut or a doctor when I grew up. Since I’m prone to motion sickness, my dreams of travelling into space quickly faded. My parents encouraged me on that path of medicine, and I spent some time during my high school and college years shadowing local doctors learning more about the profession. I loved it! It was not until I joined the Army on the Health Professionals Scholarship Program (HPSP), however, that I learned about otolaryngology. It was the summer after my first year of medical school and I was mid-way through my basic training when we had a medical career day. Representatives from all different specialties talked about their various fields. I was so impressed by the ENT docs that I made sure that I did a rotation with them, and the rest as they say is history.

2. What are your favorite parts about being an ENT provider?

My favorite part is the diversity of patients I treat. I care for patients of all ages and walks of life. It makes each day unique and exciting. I feel like I learn as much from my patients as they do from me. I enjoy getting to know people around my community and the neighboring towns.

3. What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

The thing what I find to most challenging in my job is charting on the computer during patient visits. It is necessary to document everything we discuss, things I find on examination, and for ordering tests and medications, but sometimes I feel it gets in the way of my interaction with the patient. I meet that challenge by making sure I take some time to just sit and listen before typing away on the computer. To make sure that I understand the situation correctly and all their concerns are addressed by the end of the visit.

4. What is it like working alongside other specialists (audio, allergy, etc) in a multi-specialty practice? What advantage does it offer you and your patients?

A major part of my decision to join Advanced Specialty Care is that it is a multi-specialty practice. This is very advantageous to my patients as these specialties complement ENT and each other so well. Our collaboration allows for well-rounded, comprehensive care for such issues as allergies, chronic sinusitis, and disorders of the ear. Our patients enjoy the ease of referrals between these subspecialties and that their doctors can coordinate their care. 

5. What do you like to do outside of work?

In my spare time I enjoy nature photography, bird watching, antiquing, and walks with my husband and our dog.

6. What’s on your bucket list?

My husband and I love to travel the world, but there are still many countries that we would like to visit. At the top of our list are South Africa, Iceland, and French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Tahiti).

7. What do you most want patients to know about you?

Patients should know that we are a team. I value their input and I always want to make sure that they understand my recommendations, and all their questions are answered. I will always work my hardest to make sure that they get the best care.

Danielle Warner, MD is an ENT provider at Advanced Specialty Care and currently practices and sees patients in Danbury and New Milford, CT. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Warner, please call (203) 830-4700 or click here to fill out an appointment request form.

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