Study Shows Effectiveness of Oral Immunotherapy for Treating Peanut Allergies


At the annual American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology meeting being held in Seattle, Washington this November, the results from a study on a peanut immunotherapy product were reported on. The study advances our knowledge regarding the potential treatments for peanut allergy and further validates the effectiveness of medically supervised Oral Immunotherapy.

Peanut allergy is common, affecting approximately one in 50 American children. Peanut allergic reactions are thought to cause more deaths from anaphylaxis than any other food allergen. The traditional approach for the treatment of peanut allergy is to avoid peanuts, even as a mixed ingredient of another food, and to carry emergency medicine (including an epinephrine autoinjector) at all times. These restrictions and the associated fear of triggering an allergic reaction usually result in significant impairment of quality of life.

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The study, reported on November 18, 2018, at the Allergy meeting in Seattle, involved a trial of a drug called AR101, developed by Aimmune Therapeutics. The drug, described as a “peanut-derived investigational biologic oral immunotherapy drug,” is essentially defatted peanut flour that is carefully measured and packed into capsules or foil sachets. The results, that will be published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, provide additional evidence that Food Oral Immunotherapy is effective and can be safely performed under proper medical supervision.

At Advanced Specialty Care, our Allergy and Asthma specialists initiated a similar peanut Oral Immunotherapy Program nearly four years ago utilizing carefully measured quantities of peanut flour. Several hundred food-allergic children have received Food Oral Immunotherapy through our office and the results have been incredibly successful. Our Food Oral Immunotherapy program isn’t just limited to peanuts either! We currently administer Food Oral Immunotherapy for those who have allergies to peanut, tree nuts, sesame, cow’s milk, and egg.

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