Is A Mini Facelift Right For You?


The mini facelift has become one of the most publicized procedures in plastic surgery. Variations such as “Short Scar facelift”, “Vertical Lift”, “S lift”, “MACS lift” and “Swift lift” and “Lifestyle lift” are publicized everywhere. This category of procedures is ideal for people who have pronounced jowls and severe flattening of the cheeks. For these people, a less invasive procedure such as a liquid facelift with liposuction of the jowl is not very helpful. A mini facelift is often the choice of people who have only mild to moderate facial aging and simply do not want to maintain their facial volume with fillers every one to two years.

In a properly performed mini facelift, the existing facial fat is repositioned to its original youthful position through an incision that resides in the natural fold of the ear and often extends into the hairline. Through this incision, the jowl fat is actually grasped and sutured vertically up to its original position just under the cheekbone.

The longevity of any facelift depends on proper fixation of the facial fat but generally is up to 10 years when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Many commercial one-hour facelifts are essentially skin tightening procedures that do not reposition the fat. The results tend to last only one to two years. Clearly, any surgical facelift procedure that cannot outlive the results of a liquid facelift should be avoided.

A properly performed mini facelift is a meticulous, artful procedure that takes several hours to perform well. It is often done under light sedation in an operating room setting. There is a minimum of two to three weeks’ downtime to allow for swelling to go down enough that the person feels comfortable in public. Results will continue to improve for up to a year.

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– Dr. Prashant Soni


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