Healthy Hearing Tips for Working & Learning From Home

Healthy Hearing and Headphone Safety Tips from Advanced Specialty Care AudiologistsDo you find yourself reaching for a pair of headphones for your Zoom meeting? Or maybe your kids are using headphones for their distance learning lessons? Even though you may be using headphones for work instead of listening to music, safe listening to protect your hearing still applies especially when using headphones for prolonged periods of time or listening at high volumes.

In fact, many people are unaware that earbuds can reach 105 dB at full volume – the same as a running lawnmower! At this level, ears should not be exposed to this amount of sound without hearing protection for more than 15 minutes. Furthermore, people are often listening through headphones and earbuds for hours at a time, which is a lot of noise, especially in young ears.

So before you grab those headphones to drown out background noise and help you focus, check out these safe listening tips for using headphones:

  • Volume Control: Many smart devices offer parental controls including volume locks that control the volume level. There are also apps available that offer volume locks as well as warnings if your volume level becomes unsafe.
  • Noise Cancelling: If you’re using headphones to drown out background noise, use noise-canceling headphones or earbuds instead so you won’t need to turn up the volume in order to compensate for other noise.
  • Proper Fit: With any headphones, you’ll want to check the fit, especially for children. Headphones that don’t fit properly are more likely to let background noise in leading you to crank up the volume to compensate for it.
  • Listening Breaks: Take frequent listening breaks to give your ears a break.
  • Relocate: If possible, find a quiet space away from other noise so you can work without using headphones or at the very least, you’ll be able to keep your headphone volume lower.

Protecting your hearing early on can help prevent hearing loss and communication problems later. If you have concerns over your hearing health or safe headphone use, contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our Audiologists today!

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