Hand Rejuvenation, A Simple Way To Looking More Youthful

hand rejuvenation from cosmetic laser centerMost of what we see and hear today concerning the “state of the art” in plastic surgery focuses on the face. Yet many of us know that a person’s hands often expose their age even after having had a wonderful facelift.

It’s safe to say that hand rejuvenation has not gotten a fair shake (pardon the pun) in the media. After all, the hands are exposed to significant amounts of sun and chemicals in the environment. In addition, multiple hand washings everyday results in dehydration.

Luckily, hand rejuvenation is one of the simplest things to accomplish. The first step is to replenish the volume loss that happens to the back of the hands. You can see evidence of this in the deep hollows between the tendons of the hand. Often, this skeletal look is accompanied by the prominence of veins.

A simple way to combat the look of aging hands is with Radiesse, a non-allergenic gel filler. Radiesse is injected just under the skin of the hand and massaged into the hollow areas. Within minutes the hand takes on a more plump, hydrated appearance. It is painlessly performed in five minutes with no down time at all. The results last eight months to a year. We do this often in our cosmetic surgery practice in Norwalk, Danbury, Ridgefield and New Milford, CT and have found our patients are very pleased with the results.

Another common issue that adds to the aging appearance of your hands is brown spots. People with significant sun damage often have these brown spots or age spots on their hands. These can be successfully cleared with IPL phototherapy laser sessions performed right in our cosmetic laser center in Fairfield County. Usually two to three sessions can achieve dramatic results.

This simple two-step regimen yields dramatic results and will give you confidence to show off… hands down!

By Prashant Soni M.D.

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