Following Mohs Surgery, Consider Involving a Plastic Surgeon


The threat of skin cancer isn’t just limited to summer months. For our dermatologists and plastic surgeons, we treat patients with skin cancer year-round.

While there are different treatment options for patients, such as a plastic surgeon removing the lesion or having Mohs surgery by a dermatologist, an important and often unthought of consideration, is how the wound will be closed after skin cancer is removed.

Dr. Soni, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, recently performed a wound closure on a patient’s face after they underwent Mohs surgery from a local dermatologist. Schedules were coordinated between the two doctors in order to ensure that the patient could be seen by Dr. Soni immediately after the Mohs surgery.

Watch the full procedure in the video below as Dr. Soni closes the wound and explains the importance of proper closure and an esthetic outcome especially for wounds on the face.

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