FDA Approved Peanut Allergy Treatment

FDA Approved Peanut Allergy Treatment

The FDA recently approved Palforzia, a drug developed by biopharmaceutical company Aimmune Therapeutics, to treat peanut allergies. Though this is the first FDA-approved drug of its kind, the science and methodology behind it is nothing new.

In fact, several practices, including Advanced Specialty Care, have been successfully offering food allergy desensitization, or Oral Immunotherapy, for many years but that doesn’t make the FDA approval any less significant. The approval of an Oral Immunotherapy product is exciting news for Allergists and Immunologists as this further validates and recognizes the success and benefits of this treatment and our OIT programs.

Our practice is excited to offer this option to peanut-allergic patients in conjunction with our current Oral Immunotherapy program. The majority of our peanut-allergic patients, so long as they are candidates, will be able choose between purchasing Palforzia from a specialty pharmacy or continuing to use the capsules prepared and provided by Advanced Specialty Care at no additional cost.

The difference between the two options is negligible and the treatment process remains the same. Both options utilize a carefully measured amount of peanut flour that is dispensed by a physician and ingested by the peanut-allergic patient. The amount of peanut flour is gradually increased over time, all while under medical supervision, with the purpose being to increase a patient’s tolerance to peanuts and to decrease the likelihood of a worrisome allergic reaction due to accidental peanut ingestion.

Though only peanut-allergic individuals can benefit from Palforzia, individuals with other food allergies continue to have access to ever expanding Oral Immunotherapy programs such as the one available at Advanced Specialty Care. Our OIT program, which is the first and longest running OIT program in Fairfield County, has a record of success and has allowed us to successfully treat hundreds of patients. Currently, we offer peanut, tree nut, egg, milk and sesame allergy desensitization and we hope to continue expanding and offering treatment for additional food allergens in the future.

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