8 Signs That You Need Your Hearing Checked

Woman trying to hear

Hearing loss is a very common problem affecting nearly 40 million people of all ages and when left untreated, it can have a substantial impact on a person’s overall well being and health.

The ability to hear contributes to personal safety, social and emotional well being, independence and more. In fact, studies have shown that untreated hearing loss has been linked to depression, stress, memory issues along with other social and medical conditions.

There are many factors that can cause or contribute to hearing loss and they range from aging, genetics, medications, medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes to exposure to loud noises especially for construction workers, police officers, firefighters, armed forces and musicians. And since hearing changes often happen slowly, you may be experiencing hearing loss without even noticing yourself.

Because hearing loss is a gradual process, it’s always a good idea to check your hearing even before you notice any problems to track any changes and take precautions before it becomes a problem.

Not sure if you need your hearing checked?
If you experience any of the following problems, it’s time for a hearing evaluation!

  • Your family and friends are making comments about your hearing.
  • You’re straining more to hear in situations that never used to be a problem, such as crowded restaurants and public places.
  • You find it difficult to have a telephone conversation, especially on a hands-free mobile device while driving.
  • It’s hard to hear during video or audio conferences and meetings at work.
  • You often need to turn up the volume on your TV or radio while others in the room complain that it’s too loud.
  • You have trouble hearing sounds on your computer and other portable electronics.
  • You feel like you’re not fully enjoying your favorite music and movies.
  • Your line of work exposes you to loud noises over prolonged periods of time.

At Advanced Specialty Care, we have a dedicated team of audiologists who will work with you. Through diagnostic testing and conversations with you, one of our audiologists will not only determine what your hearing abilities are, but will work with you towards solutions for better hearing and communication. To take the first step and schedule a hearing exam, call (203) 830-4700 today. Our offices are located in Danbury, CT, New Milford, CT, Norwalk, CT and Ridgefield, CT.


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